JSR CV2 Accord 14V Fuel Supply/Return System

JSR CV2 Accord 14V Fuel Supply/Return System

Another Platform breaking exclusive brought to you "ONLY" by JSR Engines, you seen it here first!

Beware of imposters with dual fuel pumps running off one 18-20GA circuit, this kit utilizes a Racetronix fuel relay with 14GA wire to eliminate voltage overload and possible fire hazard.

We can firmly report a 10-15% fuel increase at the High pressure pump.

All testing performed off our g25-660 10 Speed Accord Pushing 34psi @ 539WHP/510WTQ.

No more clogged injectors!
No More clogged in-tank fuel Filters!
No More filter elements in your fuel system!
No More Filter glue floating around your fuel system!
No More Clogged fuel pump socks!
No More Changing the In-tank Fuel Filter Every 8-12mos!

This 15-piece kit will eliminate the Honda non-serviceable fuel filter that lives in your existing CV2 fuel tank. It will be replaced with a Billet Fuel Pump Hanger and Ethanol approved Stainless steel Filter made by AI. a 90-degree bulkhead from the Top hat will feed fuel via a new 6AN feed line from the Sender hat straight to an Injector Dynamics FX750 Stainless Steel Micron Filter. This secondary Filter will mount onto the engine bracket near the HPFP and, it comes with a neat mounting bracket. This IDX750 fuel filter has a contamination window gauge built in to let you know when the filter is clogged and ready for service. Simply twist the filter off like an oil filter and wash the micron filter out in just a few minutes. YES, no more taking out seats and that PITA fuel sender unit. Supplied in the kit is a modified Heavy Duty Walbro 450LPH fuel pump with a venturi outlet and inlet to the regulator port. a new 14-volt plug-and-play 14GA wire harness with 20amp inline fuse is supplied and is 100% plug-and-play with simply 2 wires to connect to ( + and - Fuel pump). The opposite end will connect to the engine bay main fuse box via the Alternator output wire (14V). This kit will require a PRL or PTR V1 or V2 Flex Fuel Kit to operate. a 1,000hp rated fuel regulator with Liquid Filled gauge is supplied with a bracket to be mounted directly to the firewall. The existing 5/16" feed line now becomes a return line via various provided Vibrant EFI fittings. Fuel should be set to a constant 70-75psi to eliminate any CELs for low fuel rail pressure. A small 18" 6AN line is also provided to connect from the IDX750 filter directly to the Flex Fuel Kit 3/8" Inlet.

This kit is 100% plug-and-play with all the required fittings, non-insulated butt connectors and Raychem shrink tube. Installation time is around 3-4 hours or less.

If you are looking to take your CV2 Accord well into the 550WHP+ range then this kit is for you.



This is a one of a kind fuel system assembled by hand, please be sure you understand our 4 to 5 week lead time for procurement, assembly and shipping before purchasing.


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