JSR FK8 Auxilary Inline Fuel Filter Assembly (e85 Approved)

JSR FK8 Auxilary Inline Fuel Filter Assembly (e85 Approved)

Protect that High Pressure Fuel Pump and Injectors at all cost! We are now offering a Plug N' Play Auxilary Inline add on fuel filter assembly for the FK8 community. The filter has a contamination guage on the face of the filter to help determine when the internal filter screen needs service. You are able to clean the filter with water and a light lather of dish soap in your hands when washing it out.

Installation takes about 25-35 mins and utilizes an existing m6 bolt hole on the firewall. FYI, this requires the removal of the gold Intake manifold PCV bracket that mounts on the firewall. Don't worry the lines will rest freely in place on top of the intake manifold.

We have tested this assembly and report no restrictions to the High Pressure Fuel System.

Bonus: PRL Flex Fuel Kit Version 3 owners; this kit includes an upgraded PTFE line kit at no extra cost for you users. If you are on a V3 PRL Flex kit and need to upgrade your fuel lines this kit is a two for one (Filter & upgraded PTFE line).

Included in this Aux Fuel Filter Assembly are the following parts below.
Injector Dynamics IDF750 Inline Stainless Steel Filter
Modified Injector Dynamics IDF750 Firewall bracket
(3) M3x0.75 Allen Bolts for Braket to Filter
(1) M6x1.0 Stainless Steel Mounting Bolt
(2) JSR PTFE Solid Teflon 6AN E85 Lines
(2) ORB to AN Fittings
(2) Vibrant EFI fittings

First off we start off utilizing the best e85 approved fuel filter on earth, the Injector Dynamics IDFX750 is the first performance filter designed to meet strict OE filter requirements, namely Bosch’s specification for electronic fuel injectors.

It is the result of substantial research invested in improving the service life of our injectors. In addition to improved filtering, the ID F750 offers numerous features designed to increase performance and function

Basic Specifications
Nominal Flow Rate – 750 l/h @ 7.5 kPa (1.1 psi) pressure drop. 1000 l/h @ 13 kPa (1.9 psi) pressure drop
Maximum Fuel Pressure – 10.0 Bar (145.0 psi)
Fuel Compatibility – Compatible With All Known Fuels
Fluid Connection – SAE -8 O-Ring Barb
Weight – 700g

Flow Restriction vs Contaminant Load:
The ID F750 is designed to hold a high level of contaminant while maintaining low restriction to flow. This is accomplished with a highly efficient filter element, designed with low pressure drop in mind. At a flow rate of 750 liters per hour, the ID F750 will hold five grams of contaminant, the equivalent of approximately one teaspoon before requiring replacement. Higher flow rates are possible, but will require more frequent filter changes, depending on the cleanliness of your fuel system.