Cylinder Head Porting for K20C1/4 FK8/FL5/DE5/CV2 Accord 2.0T

$950.00 - $1,150.00
Cylinder Head Porting for K20C1/4 FK8/FL5/DE5/CV2 Accord 2.0T

Complete Cylinder Head Porting is Available for the FK8/FL5/DE5 K20C1 and CV2 2.0 Turbo Accord. We offer a Street and Race Port Version. This service includes Media Blast, Pressure Test, Full Port and Polish of (4) Intake Ports & The Single Exhaust Port, Yes that's correct, we are able to access and re-work the entire exhaust side of the head from the valve seat all the way to the single exhaust exit.

There is no other company offering this complete exhaust porting option. Also included in both packages is our complete chamber revamping. We rework the sharp edges around the valve areas, as well as the injector port that helps with atomization and an efficient burning cylinder.

+80WHP increase with TR2 Cams and JSR Race Ported Intake Manifold with a G30-770 at 32.5lbs of Boost, Turbo See Manny's Dyno Video Below:

+50WHP increase with no other internal parts changes made on an RV6 R660
See Speedyserg's Video Below:

OEM Cylinder heads have a step down at the valveseats that restricts flow. This leaves the OEM units flowing in the 150-160CFM range. This is drastically changed during our porting process. We soon will be flowing a stock head to see what kind of gains we can claim, vs a complete ported one.

Our Street Version has pushed 28 Degrees of Timing, As seen on the Blue Hoonigan FK8, our Race Version has pushed 31 Degrees of Timing, As seen on our 716WHP Black Hoonigan FK8.

No other FK8 ported heads are pushing these timing numbers!

Contact us for any questions you may have, CFM gains are significantly greater starting with our popular street port and drastically Increasing with our Race Port 290-300+CFM.