JSR 1450cc FK8/FL5/DE5 Injectors for K20C1 Civic Type R

JSR 1450cc FK8/FL5/DE5 Injectors for K20C1 Civic Type R

These are the latest generation of Direct Injection Injectors researched here for the Honda Civic Type R K20C1 platform.

These injectors have been flow tested at 250bar or 3600psi per XDI's EVO High Pressure Fuel Pump maximum operating range. They come with the latest high-flow inlet filter direct from the manufacturer. There are zero modifications made to the injectors so they continue to carry the manufacturer's standard warranty.

Be wary of competitors modifying their injectors for additional flow which results in the loss of the warranty from the manufacturer. Don't believe the hype of other claims to have custom spray patterns, all the patterns were designed by Bosch and pressure changes patterns slightly.

These injectors come with a high performance teflon seal so there is no worry about blown out injector seals, Guaranteed!

The real deal, no hype here. Don't be fooled by competitor flow claims as there are not many who have tested their injectors at the actual XDI fuel pumps operating conditions and not many that have invested in the proper testing procedure or at the proper testing facility.

100% Genuine Bosch Products manufactured in Turkey

(4) 1450CC Bosch High Flow FK8 Injectors @250bar
(1) Bosch Warranty and Safety Card

We've tested the limits of these injectors here at JSRE. Our test vehicle was Vincent's FK8 with a bone stock K20C1 powered by a Rampage G25-660 with an amazing 583WHP @ 34psi.

See Dyno Video below and the attached Graph for results below:

For those that use VP fuels or other racing fuels, these injectors can support 600-620+WHP.